Integrating Esaip for foreign students - ESAIP

Integrating Esaip for foreign students

You are a foreign student (outside the European Community) and do not currently reside in France? Parallel admission applications (outside of the competitive exam or Parcoursup procedure) for the next academic year open in November.

Selection is based on applications and a motivation interview via Skype.

Your application through Campus France does not exempt you from sending your application online on the ESAIP website. Start your application process with Campus France now because the process is often very long!

Step 1: Fill out your application online

Dossier de candidature

Payment of the application fee (non-refundable): 40€.
Your application will then be studied and you will have an interview via Skype if your application is deemed admissible.
Submitting an application does not entitle you to a “registration certificate” which, as its name indicates, is reserved for those admitted and then registered.

Step 2: Register on the Centre pour les Études en France website. If you have obtained an admission letter from us, go directly to the “I have been accepted” menu.

Enginius Competition

If you live in Gabon, Cameroon or Burkina Faso, there is another way to access our school: try the Enginius Competition!

This competition gives you access to a range of engineering schools.

Good to know: students from Gabon and Burkina Faso can obtain a scholarship from their government.

Do not hesitate to contact the Competition Management for more information.

Non-French speaking students

Students from our partner universities in Europe can contact the international relations department.