Green Code Challenge

Green Code Challenge

02 12 2015

The world’sbiggest international Eco-Design competition

The "Green Code Challenge" challenges student teams from around the world to optimize resources and energy consumption for existing open source programs (software Eco-design), in 48 hours non-stop timeframe .

The objective is to demonstrate the importance of software eco-design in the world of IT, Higher Education and Research. In a context of exploding use of IT, it is imperative to minimize the environmental impact of these.

 Next Edition will be held in Autumn 2017 with a new partner. So stay tuned as it is with a new name and a new identity that we will get back to you !


The 2015 edition:

The 3rd Green Code Challenge was held from 2 to 4 December 2015. "The Quituplet" team from the IUT of Nantes, took the first prize beating "Bankizz" Epita and "Greenouille" of esaip. For the pros., the winners were Postcode "La Poste".

The sites were interconnected by live video feeds from Polycom.


Video of Gream ESAIP, winners of the 2014 in San Francisco:


Figures from the 2015 edition:

  • 82 teams with 5 professional teams
  • 8 countries
  • 15 conference
  • Prizes for the first 3 teams:
  • 1 week in San Francisco and 2 checks for 1000 €

See complete results // Photos sur Google + de l'esaip // Vidéos des équipes