Expert Executive Cycle (Master Degree) - ESAIP
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Expert Executive Cycle (Master Degree)

Expert Executive Cycle


2 ans


6 to 15 months abroad


2/3 years Degrees


Angers & Aix-en-Provence

Training path

Major & Minor

In the 4th year, you will choose a major from among five. This “career” orientation will allow you to go deeper into the field that suits you.

You will also choose a minor among ten. The minors are oriented towards “sectors of activity” to discover or confirm your choice of profession applied to a sector.


(your choice – 600 hours over 2 years)

  • Big Data & Data Science
  • Cybersecurity and networks
  • Connected objects & intelligent systems
  • Digital Transition
  • Artificial Intelligence


(your choice – 50h)

Each business sector has its own codes. It is therefore easier to integrate quickly into the professional world if you know them beforehand.

In the 4th year, you will have at your disposal a panel of 10 minors. This complementary module of 50 hours will allow you to discover a sector of activity related to your major. They correspond to the sectors in which our former students evolve.

  • Consulting (service companies)
  • Health (hospital environment and chemical and pharmaceutical industries)
  • Banking, finance, insurance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Industrial environment
  • Research & innovation
  • Silver economy (services for the elderly)
  • Maritime and port environments
  • Social and Solidarity Economy
  • Smart Territories

They testify

Amandine, Digital Engineer:

“I have always wanted to work in IT, because there are so many opportunities in this field. Today, I want to specialize in cybersecurity and work in several countries: the world is vast and it could be very enriching, professionally and culturally.”

The program

Classes from Monday to Friday | 5 weeks of vacation between September and June

Cybersecurity and networks

Ethical Hacker (CEH) and CEH Practical certifications
IDS (Intrusion Detection System), SSI Methodology, Risk Analysis and Security Policy, Reverse Engineering and Exploitation, Python, Advanced Linux OS, SOC Application, Cryptology, ASA Firewall and VPN

Your challenge:
Secure information systems (IS) by implementing Ethical Hacking through auditing to identify vulnerabilities. Implementing countermeasures and educating users.

Connected objects and intelligent systems

BUS technologies: IDC, CAN, I2C communication, …
Python, Embedded development (C/C++)
Electronics : Arduino, Raspberry Pi, airboard
Big Data : Cloudera, Spark, Talend
Mobile networks: Wifi, Bluetooth, Cellular networks
Advanced mobile development (Android), .Net development (Kinect, leap motion, …), Introduction to Swift, Ethernet transport
Internet of Things: Market, opportunities and economic issues

Your challenge:
Imagining innovative uses of connected objects, making them communicate, analyzing their data, developing their intelligence: these are the challenges of this rapidly expanding sector! And you, how do you imagine this new revolution?

Big Data & Data Science

ORACLE Administration, Data Mining, Business Intelligence
Cloudera, Spark, Talend, R language, Mongo DB initiation
Statistics and probabilistic modeling, Open Data, Big Data

Your challenge:
Collect, aggregate, store, accelerate the processing of data via innovative algorithms and interpret them to support management in their strategic decisions, imagine the services of tomorrow, anticipate needs, …

Artificial intelligence

Human language technology (voice recognition, speech synthesis, voice translation, speaker recognition, voice assistants, etc.)
Deep learning (face recognition, form recognizer, …)
Ethics in AI
Smart applications, Python development, Microsoft Azure AI-900 certification

Your challenge:
Create intelligent systems and algorithms to process and automate image recognition (assisted navigation, 3D reconstruction, medical imaging, …), speech and text (automatic solutions for processing digitized documents, human-computer interaction, …).

Digital transition

Digital transition: impact on the business, challenges, …
Digital service management, Cloud Computing and IS
Architecture of information systems (urbanization, business architectures)
IS management and governance: risks, responsibilities, crisis management, etc.
Innovation management

Your challenge:
Accompany executives in the deployment of new technologies to radically improve business performance.


The projects

The Executive Experts Cycle includes team projects that take place over several months.

Application project

The application project takes place in the 4th year, in groups, around a cross-cutting and multidisciplinary theme aimed at broadening your knowledge with a view to your professional project and structuring an approach to finding solutions.

Research initiation project

This project is carried out in the 5th year and allows students to reinforce their research and synthesis methods on innovative technologies. It is supported by the ESAIP Research Center, research laboratories and companies.

In-company application project

The in-company application project, activ’esaip, takes place in the 5th year and prepares for the end-of-study internship. It puts you in a professional situation for an engineering mission carried out in a team, under the joint responsibility of a teacher-researcher and the company tutor who has defined the specifications.


Gain valuable professional experience through internships in companies

Supervisor internship

The “Agent de maîtrise” internship lasts 3 months at the end of the 4th year. It consists of discovering the technical aspects of the engineering profession while being able to observe and understand the other aspects of the profession.

Engineer internship

The “Engineer” internship lasts 6 months, at the end of the Engineering cycle. It allows you to validate your studies at ESAIP by putting into practice, independently, an engineering mission. Finally, it is validated by a thesis and a presentation in three languages reflecting the school’s international background.


Cybersecurity and networks

Cybersecurity Consultant or Engineer
IS security manager
Digital investigation analyst

IoT and intelligent systems

IoT developer engineer
IoT network engineer
R&D engineer
Full-stack engineer

Big Data & Data Science

Data Scientist
Data Miner
Chief Data Officer
Business Intelligence Consultant
Data Analyst
Big Data Business Intelligence Consultant

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning engineer
Artificial intelligence developer and integrator
Natural language processing engineer
Image processing and artificial intelligence engineer

Digital transition

Business engineer
Information Systems Director
Information Systems Project Manager
Chief Digital Officer
Head of a company in the digital sector