1 to 3 internships abroad - ESAIP

1 to 3 internships abroad

Internships abroad: Multiple benefits

A minimum of one internship abroad is mandatory for Digital Engineer and Risk Management and Environment Engineer students.

International experience extended from a minimum of 1 year to 20 months (if you complete all three internships abroad), including study periods

  • Totally free choice of destinations
  • Opportunity to improve your language skills
  • Discover other working methods
  • Strong assets for your CV

ESAIP also gives you the opportunity to do the 3rd year work placement (1 month):

  • Within the framework of the school’s humanitarian association (PESF) with a one month mission (Morocco, Guinea, India…)
  • As part of a summer job

Finding an internship abroad

ESAIP will help you in your search thanks to

  • Our international network of companies
  • The file of internships already completed by ESAIP students
  • The community of ESAIP alumni expatriates around the world

Scholarships can be awarded to you for your internships in companies abroad. ESAIP’s International Relations Department is at your disposal to help you carry out your project.

Possible funding for European destinations: ERASMUS+ and financial support from the regions (ENVOLEO for young people from the Pays de la Loire or PRAME for those from the PACA region). Together, the amounts vary from 80 to 500€ per month.
International mobility grants by ESAIP (travel expenses) thanks to the donors of the LASALLE-ESAIP Endowment Fund

They testify

“The internship abroad adds value to our engineering degree. It is a great professional experience to become an international engineer. This year, one of the internships was on the study of seismic risks in the Piedmont region (Italy). It fitted perfectly with my professional project, I didn’t ask myself any questions, I applied and the internship went very well. And then, culturally and humanly, it was a great experience.” Océance, 4th year student in Risk Management Engineering, Environment.