Sustainable future - ESAIP

Sustainable future

“Since 1988, ESAIP’s aim has been to train responsible, committed, different and agile men and women in a global and multicultural context, thanks to their strong capacity to adapt and their operational skills.

The know-how “Made in ESAIP” has proven itself over the years thanks to our international roots, our proximity to companies, our innovative and interactive teaching approaches, and the individualized support of each of our students.

Our mission: to lead our students to success. It is based on the Lasallian values of accessibility for all to quality higher education.

A bold and exciting challenge that we meet every year with success.”


Christophe Rouvrais,
Directeur Général de l’ESAIP

6 clés pour un campus responsable


Waste management

Limiting waste and optimizing sorting, recovering waste and developing material donations through partnerships.


Controlling resources

Encourage daily actions to reduce energy and water consumption. Challenge students to meet the challenges (competitions, hackathons, projects).


Sustainable purchasing

Give preference to local suppliers committed to a quality approach. Ensure responsible communication of the school.


Equal opportunities

Develop social diversity and openness. Welcoming and supporting students with disabilities.


Soft Transportation

Encourage public transportation, carpooling, biking and walking to campus.


Being a citizen

Encourage the voluntary involvement of everyone in humanitarian, cultural, sports, environmental …