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ESAIP signs two new strategic partnerships in Africa

ESAIP continues its international development by strengthening its presence in Africa with two new strategic partnerships: in Senegal with IPP (Pan-African Polytechnic Institute) and in Tunisia with ITEAMS.

These two partnerships aim to train students from IPP and ITEAMS in the field of Cybersecurity.

As of the start of the 2022 academic year, IPP and ITEAMS will offer their students the Digital Bachelor’s degree with a Cybersecurity option (BAC + 3). These two institutions are committed to deploying this program according to ESAIP accreditation standards (validation of skill blocks, internships in companies, validation of a minimum level in English, etc.). Students will benefit from ESAIP’s expertise in the field of Cybersecurity, through tutored projects, Hackathons, company projects, … These partnerships also include collaboration in research and exchanges of students and professors.

As the gateway to West Africa, Dakar is the economic hub of the Senegalese Republic. It will allow ESAIP to create a permanent ecosystem of excellence with the IPP for students and companies.

Signature Dakar
Signature Dakar

In Tunisia, companies want to have skills in the digital transition and particularly in cybersecurity. The missions of ESAIP and ITEAMS are part of this trend. They aim to support the ecosystem in creating sustainable performance.

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